RCD Ford Ultimate Torque Converter

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In 2008 RCD saw a need for a more efficient torque converter than what the aftermarket and OE was offering. The new billet stator design utilized is the most efficent available in the industry. This design allows a looser, less "sticky" stall speed yet a very firm fluid coupling. This allows your transmission to run cooler when the converter is unlocked and accelerating but also allows a much quicker race spool-up on the starting line preventing heat soak on the trans and engine before launch.
From towing to all out racing we have an option.
• More efficient fluid coupling & torque transfer.
• Closer slip ratio prevents a harsh lockup.
• Triple disc lockup 1500+ Hp capacity
• Optional Extreme duty billet stator & sprag
• Furnace brazed turbine with integral gussets
• Five year warranty
• 1 Free stall adjustment within the first year of purchase.
• No Core Charges