6.0L / 6.4L Ford Power Stroke Stage 4 Billet Camshaft

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6.0L / 6.4L Ford Power Stroke Stage 4 Billet Camshaft

Extreme Competition use only. 060" Piston fly-cuts required. RCD 120# Valve springs required to prevent coil-bind / valve float. 1.850" installed height RCD Chromoly Push Rods Required. Blueprinting of cylinder head required to ensure valve installed heights and to prevent coil-bind Optimized valve timing, substantially increased lift and duration for maximum torque, horsepower in competition vehicles.

Duration 197IN / 218EX Valve Lift .518"IN / .500"EX

RCD camshafts are turned from premium bearing grade 8620 steel and carburized producing a wear resistant surface while maintaining core toughness. After heat treatment, lobes are finished using a Landis CNC cam grinder providing unmatched timing and profile accuracy. Quality control is maintained using an Adcole measurement machine, an OEM industry standard. This attention to detail insures every camshaft will perform to, or above customer expectations.