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Pure Power Technologies 7.3L Injector
Pure Power Technologies has been the go-to name when it comes to quality Power Stroke injectors. RCD has partnered with PPT to offer their line of 7.3L HEUI injectors.
36 Month No Questions Asked Warranty! 
AA 99cc 94-97 Stock Replacement With Upgraded, Coated P&B
AB 120cc 97 CA emission and Early 99 Stock Replacement
AC 160cc Stock Nozzle Single Shot Upgrade Injector (requires tuning on 99-Later 7.3)
AD 140cc 1999.5 - 2003 Stock Replacement Cyl 1-7
AE 140cc 1999.5 - 2003 Cyl 8 Long Lead (cures cackle on 00` MY)
✓ Precision reman process ensures highest quality, reliability and performance.
✓ Opening clearances are set to PurePower’s specifications validated with engine and vehicle testing and compared to OE product.
✓ 100% performance testing of nozzles for flow, leakage and needle lift.
✓ Advanced end-of-line test checks, delivery, leakage and opening characteristics. TECHNICAL ADVANTAGES
✓ Assembly process includes in-line error proofing to ensure build quality.
✓ Best-in-class end-of-line testing: - Shot-to-shot flow meters - Injection timing measurements - Poppet seat leakage test
✓ Injector is reverse engineered and statistically validated using dyno and engine performance results to OEM product.
AA Code Up to serial number 460194
AB Code serial number 460195-843889
AC High Torque Application
AD 1999 - 2003 Split Shot
AE / AF serial number 661974-896812 CYL # 8 Only
AE & AF code interchange
BA 1995-1997 High Torgue and 250HP Up to SN 1084867
BB 1995-1997 175HP Up to SN 1028710
BC 1995-1997 190HP Up to SN 1028710
BE 1997-1999 175HP & 210HP SN range 1028711-1194038
BI 1999-UP 250HP SN 1125228-UP
BP 2000-UP DT4666E Transit
BD 1995-1997 250HP & 300HP Up to SN 102877-1194038
BF 1998-1999 250HP & 320HP SN 1084029-1134350
BG (replaced with BJ) 250HP SN 1134351-1194038
BJ 250HP 1134351-1194038