Mahle 6.7L Power Stroke 34MM Wrist Pin 11-16MY Flycut and De-Lipped Single Piston Kit With Rings

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Designed for street/strip or pulling trucks making 400-1000Hp that still get used as a daily driver or work truck. Machined from OE castings (retaining the steel top ring insert) giving the same driveability and longevity of an OE piston with additional strength through industry leading design technology. Performance bowls with design features intended to reduce erosion issues caused by high pressure, long duration, advanced timing.

Lower compression ratio (.5 to 1.5 points) allowing more flexibility for high output tuning.

Fully radiused valve pockets where applicable to reduce stress and fatigue cracking.

MAHLE`s proprietary Grafal skirt coating for reduced drag and increased scuff resistance.

Rings, pins and clips included