Banks Power 2008-2010 6.4L Ford Power Stroke Intercooler Upgrade

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Techni-Cooler dramatically increases the cooling capacity by balancing the richer fuel mixture with greater airflow and cooler, denser air. Denser air has more oxygen, which improves combustion as well as engine efficiency. Result: higher continuous power and more power at any exhaust gas temp (EGT), better fuel economy and lower EGTs. That's a truckload of benefits! Banks Techni-Cooler delivers the maximum reduction in boost air temperature with a minimal loss of boost pressure. It doesn't get any cooler than Techni-Cooler!
Banks Intercooler for the 6.4L Power Stroke produces quicker throttle response, higher continuous power at any exhaust gas temperature, better economy and a more reliable rig. It's the best aftermarket improvement you can make, especially if you climb steep hills or do heavy-duty towing.
• Improves Power, Durability & Fuel Economy
• Dramatically increases air density
• Cooler EGTs, more MPG & constant-duty power
• High-efficiency custom-machined durable cast end tanks
• Wide-open inlet and outlet
• Reduces boost pressure loss
• Maximizes Boost Air
• Lowers exhaust gas temps
• Packs cool, dense air into the cylinders
• Lower restriction for superior flow
• 2-year Warranty
• Big aluminum end tanks won't burst like the plastic stock ones.
• Quicker throttle response
• 14% more flow without starving the airflow to the radiator!
Emissions Compliant: D-161-90