AP63581 Water Pump With Coolant Filter Provision T444E and 7.3L (see notes)

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AP63581 Water Pump With Coolant Filter Provision T444E and 7.3L (see notes)
Product Code: AP63581

This pump is also used on the 7.3L to have a integrated coolant filter. This excerpt is from some time ago. It explains the installation.

The T444E pump fits and does so with the PS pump with no clearance issues at all. The only things that are different or out of the norm from any other pump install is you need to grind off the one boss that was meant for another pulley that is not needed. Angle grinder bench grinder hell hand file and it will only take a few mins. The other thing is the stamped serial number tends to hit the Super duty pump pulley for some so grind it off at the same time. That is really the only "mods" that have to be done.

You need a few different bolts but you can reuse a number of the Ford bolts. A Dodge with 5.9 Cummins lower rad hose. These also use the long stem T-stat so that gives you the option of all kinds of temp ranges. No need to buy the "special 203" if you want it. You can use the standard 205 that IH intended these motors to run with or you can use a 195-197 that Ford switched to for emission reasons but lower combustion efficiency.

The last thing is the heater hose connections.

You need the part numbers to make it simple here ya go:

International #`s

1817958C1 [x3] Bolt 30mm

1817811C1 [x2] Bolt 20mm

1818693C1 [x4] Bolt 110mm

2001804C1 Bolt to hold pulley

From Napa (We have these listed on the RCD site.)

36288 Pulley, Grooved for 8-rib belt

THM 371203 205° Thermostat

8825 Upper Radiator Hose

8763 Lower Radiator Hose

705-1319 [x2] Hose Clamps

705-1313 [x2] Hose Clamps

705-1315 [x2] Hose Clamps

3/4 NPT to 1" male barb*
1/2 NPT to 5/8 male barb*

Or you can use the following which is ideal:

* NOTE: Straight fittings could be used but 45* are better

- 3/4 NPT to 1" male barb 45* (Jeg's 100491)
- 1/2 NPT to 5/8 male barb 45* (Russell 663080)

A few benefits:

Use of the different T-stat temps without having to purchase custom made units.

Built in filter so that you do not have to purchase a separate kit with each hoses and places to leak and take up more room to mount. Also does not bypass the T-stat like the remotes do if you follow the typical install directions.

The HPOP bolt port is no longer blocked by the Heater hose port. Its now off to the passenger side. Makes changing a HPOP that much faster and easier.

Cast Iron instead of alum.

Pump has a cut off for the bypass filter built in.

It is anything but hard if you have the least amount of mechanical ability. The only thing that is not just a part swap is grinding two places and takes no skill if looks do not count. Grinding off a serial number and a boss the size of a quarter. Big deal.

Product Description: Water Pump
Product Family: Engine Components
Product notes: Includes mounting gasket and plugs.
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Navistar 1994 to 2003 Navistar T444E T444E