2018 - 2022 Ford F150 3.0L PSD CPX High Pressure Fuel Pump

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2018 - 2022 Ford F150 3.0L PSD CPX High Pressure Fuel Pump

The CP4 pump Bosch should have built, the CPX.
• Pinned lifter buckets to prevent rotation and stop failures. Even during a gel.
• New feed port, preventing any contaminated crankcase debris from entering the plungers and barrels. (Built in disaster prevention kit)
• Direct drop-in replacement, no aftermarket fuel lines or components needed.
• No additional labor or modifications to install.
• 24 Month no questions asked replacement warranty.

And just to point out, the whole “US diesel fuel doesn’t have enough lubricity for the CP4.” That’s a lie. I have disassembled, measured and under microscope, inspected pumps with over 500k miles with essentially zero wear.

The flaw was nothing to stop the roller lifter from rotating in a vacuum event. (Gel, filter change, low pressure feed issue.) This is why the LML Duramax pumps drop like flies. There is no lift pump to keep positive pressure on the plungers and barrels.
This allows a slop, or gap between the cam and the lifter roller. Which allows it to turn. Similar to a roller cam in a engine. When there is no lifter guide or link bar. The lifter rotates, destroying the cam and lifters and filling the engine with hardened metal filings. These filings, are what fills your fuel rails and injectors with debris, ruining them.

All RCD CPX CP4 pumps are modified internally in a 5 AXIS CNC to return fuel to the tank. This prevents debris from entering the injector in the instance of a failure. "DISASTER KITS" ARE NOT NEEDED!


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