Alliant Power Turbo Install Kit, Detroit DD13, DD15 & DD16

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Alliant Power Turbo Install Kit, Detroit DD13, DD15 & DD16
Alliant Power Turbocharger Install Kit for all Detroit DD13, DD15, DD16 & Mercedes OM471, OM472 & OM473 engines

This Alliant Power kit is the industries first all inclusive turbocharger install kit for the Mercedes and Detroit DD13, DD15 & DD16 engines. This kit includes all of the necessary parts to do a removal and re-install and includes each type of mounting flange gasket, stud and or bolt configuration found throughout the various iterations of engines. This kit includes components to remove and re-install the axial turbine if equipped. While every component may not be used for your specific install, this takes the guess work out of what kit is needed and only requires you to stock one gasket kit instead of 30+ part numbers.

Kit Contents Includes:
Qty:4 Turbo mount gaskets (for various turbine inlet flanges)
Qty:1 Turbine outlet to brake/downpipe flange gasket
Qty:10 Copper nuts
Qty:4 Mounting Bolts
Qty:4 Mounting Studs
Qty:6 Turbine outlet studs
Qty:1 Oil drain flange
Qty:1 Axial Turbine o-ring
Qty:1 Axial Turbine mounting gasket
Qty:4 Aluminum crush washers
Qty:1 Drain tube o-ring
Qty:2 Charge Pipe O-rings