AP0510 LUBRIGUARD - 16 oz (treats 125 gal) (unit)

Product Code: AP0510

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AP0510 LUBRIGUARD - 16 oz (treats 125 gal) (unit)
Product Code: AP0510

Alliant Power LUBRIGUARD™ Diesel Fuel Treatment

LUBRIGUARD™ is a highly concentrated lubricating fuel treatment with cetane improver that provides superior fuel system protection for all diesel engines in warm weather environments
LUBRIGUARD™ has been developed using a unique combination of additives designed to supplement dry fuels that are known to cause premature wear of the fuel system
LUBRIGUARD™ has been formulated using technologically advanced chemistry designed to protect the most advanced high-pressure common rail diesel fuel systems as well as conventional fuel systems

Note: Treatment rate 1:1000

LUBRIGUARD ™ Benefits:
? Lubricates Fuel System Reducing Friction & Wear
? Restores Engine Power & Torque
? Improves Fuel Economy
? Increases Cetane for Improved Engine Combustion
? Cleans Internal & External Injector Deposits
? Stabilizes & Extends Fuel Shelf Life
? Removes Water by Demulsification
? Protects Against Fuel System Rust & Corrosion