Big Fuel Sump

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Big Fuel Sump
This sump was designed by us for when you are running two separate fuel supply pumps. For example, when running a 2011 - Current 6.7L Power Stroke with dual HP Fuel pumps you must run 7-10 PSI into the CP3 and 70 PSI into the factory CP4. This requires two separate low pressure fuel pumps (FASS or Airdog) one at 7-10 psi and one at 70+.
The dual outlets allow you to connect both to one sump.
You can return them both into the single return fitting via a Tee in the hose.
Big Fuel Sump Features:
• (2) 1/2" NPT Feed Port
• (1) 1/2" Return Port With Stand Tube
• Fully Functional Water Separator Sump
• Does not require removal of fuel tank
• Made in USA